Three Women Who Have Breastfed Prophet Muhammad

Three Women Who Have Breastfed Prophet Muhammad ~ Hi all readers! In this article, I will explain about three women who have breastfed Prophet Muhammad. Maybe all this time we know that there are only two women who have breastfed him. But if we look at other historical histories, we will know that there are other women who have been fortunate because she once breastfed him.
As we have seen, Aminah is the mother of the Prophet Muhammad. After she gave birth to him, he was given to her. She interrupted him for two or three days.
After that, the small Prophet Muhammad was breastfed by Tsaubiyah. I did not find much information about her. The information I knew only explained that he was a slave girl belonging to Abu Lahab. I also did not find information about how long she breastfeeding him. But what is clear, the statement of history says, that the first woman who breastfed her was her own mother, and the second woman who breastfed her was Tsaubiyah.

There is one important point that I must say here, that one of the habits of the Arab aristocrats in the cities was to send their children to villages and inland-hinterlands. The aim is for their children to be followed by the women who are there and so that their children can learn the original characteristics of the Arabs. It can only be done in places that still preserve the original characteristics of Arabia, not in places where the population has mingled with other elements. This habit was maintained for years.
Actually, the process of meeting the small Prophet Muhammad with Halimah, the third woman who interfered with him, was not easy. When he and several other babies arrived at the Hawazan tribe, the women who used to breastfeed took babies to breastfeed. But when they found out that he was an orphan because his father, Abdullah, had died, none of the women were willing to take him for breastfeeding, except Halimah. And that’s because Halimah didn’t get one baby to breastfeed. Halimah pity him. Halimah then accepted Aminah’s request, her mother, to breastfeed him.
Now we can conclude, that three women who had breastfed the Prophet Muhammad were Aminah, Tsaubiyah, and Halimah. In other words, there is their blood flowing in his body. Really, they are very lucky!

All readers! That is a brief explanation of three women who have breastfed Prophet Muhammad. Look forward to other interesting explanations in the next few articles!
I think that is enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!
See you again in the next article!

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