Prohibitions When We Are Affected by Disasters

Islam for Us: Prohibitions When We Are Affected by Disasters ~ Hi all readers! As ordinary people, of course we have been affected by disasters. There are some people who can’t be professional when they get disasters. As a result, he did something bad like tearing clothes, hitting the body, breaking something, and so on. As Muslims we must know that they are prohibited. If we do that, we will have enormous consequences. We are required to continue to be kind when we are affected by disaster. That’s why I wrote this article. The aim is to explain it all.

In a hadith it is explained, that whoever is affected by a disaster then he tore his clothes or hit his chest (body), then it was as if he had taken a spear and fought against Allah Taala.

There is a hadith that has been narrated from the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, he said, “Whoever discolor the door or clothes when he was hit by a disaster, hit a shop, cut a tree, or cut hair, then the cause of one cut hair will be awakened. one home for him in Hell. Allah the Exalted will not accept his repentance as long as the black color is still at the door. God will narrow his grave and make it difficult when all his actions are counted. All the angels in the heavens and the earth will curse them. A thousand sins will be recorded for him. He will rise from his grave naked. Anyone who tore his pocket when he was hit, then Allah will tear his religion. If he slaps his face, then God will not give him permission to see his “glorious face”.


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In another hadith it is explained, that if there were descendants of Adam who died, then there were many people screaming piling up in his house. The Angel of Death then stood at the door of his house and said to them, “By Allah, I have not reduced the age and fortune of one of you. I also do not condemn any of you. If you cry because of me, then actually I am a servant who is ordered. If it’s because of someone who has died, then surely, he is forced. If it is because of Allah Talla, then as completely as you do you do not know Allah Taala. By Allah, I will continue to return to you as complete as possible. “

All Readers! If we understand the brief explanation above, then of course we already know what are the big consequences that we must bear if we do something that is not good when we are affected by disaster. The bad attitude is a form of feeling not willing to accept the provisions and decisions of God. That is the point.

I think that’s enough explanation about the prohibitions when we are affected by disaster. May be useful! Amen!

See you in the next article!


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