Waraqah bin Naufal; Interpretation of Genesis in Cave of Hira’

Love Center: Hi all readers! Do you know who Waraqah bin Naufal is and what role it plays in Islamic history? He is a Christian justifying the events experienced by the Prophet Muhammad when he meditated in the cave of Hira’. Not only that, he even expressed his ability to help the Prophet Muhammad if he had the chance.

The involvement of Waraqah bin Naufal in the history of Islam began when Khadijah bint Khuwaylid and the Prophet Muhammad came to him to ask about something the Prophet Muhammad had experienced. Actually there is no detailed explanation of why she came to Waraqah bin Naufal. The historical data that I found is only telling, that Waraqah bin Naufal was her uncle, a Christian who had studied the Torah, the Gospel, and many other books.

Waraqah bin Naufal is a very clever person. It was proven that he was able to write in Hebrew, even he had written the Gospel in Hebrew, even though he was an Arab. The knowledge he had made it as the right place for getting advice. It’s just that at that time he was very old and blind.


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When the Prophet Muhammad and Khadijah bint Khuwaylid met Waraqah bin Naufal and told him what he experienced in cave of Hira’, Waraqah make sure that the figure who came to him was the angel Gabriel who had come to the prophet Isa. Even Waraqah said to her, “For God’s sake, the soul of Waraqah is in His power, if what you have said to me is true, then surely he (Prophet Muhammad) will be a Prophet for this people. firm!” Waraqah bin Naufal also said that later the Prophet Muhammad would be hurt, denied, fought, but he would get a victory.

What I need to say here is that in Islamic history data, historical narratives about the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad and Khadijah bint Khuwaylid to Waraqah are different. There is a history that says that at first she came alone to meet Waraqah , without being with him. But another narration says that she came with the Prophet Muhammad there.

But, even though there is a different historical narrative about it, the main point is that Waraqah was told about what the Prophet Muhammad experienced, he interpreted that what came to him was the angel Gabriel, and even he was willing to help the Prophet Muhammad fight together, “If only I would be a strong young man, then I will definitely help you!”


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