The Virtues Behind Prophet Muhammad’s Marriage with Aisha bint Abu Bakr

Hi readers! In this article, I will explain the virtues that lie behind the marriage of the Prophet Muhammad with Aisha bint Abu Bakr. In the previous article, we already knew that after Khadijah bint Khualid died he was very sad. In the midst of sadness, Khaulah bint Hakim came to him and offered him to marry a virgin girl (Aisha) or widow (Sudah bint Zam’ah).

Aisha is the daughter of Abu Bakr. Abu Bakar is a friend of the Prophet Muhammad who was very loyal to him and always justified whatever he said. That’s why Abu Bakr was nicknamed “as-Shiddiq”. Her mother is Umm Ruman whose real name is Zainab. Thus, her father and her mother were two of his friends who entered the group of people who first converted to Islam.

Before the Prophet Muhammad married Aisyah, actually she had been proposed by Jubair bin Mu’thim. What we need to know here is that when he proposed to her, he did not know that she had been proposed by someone else. In addition, at that time there was no ban on applying for women who had been applied to by others in Islamic teachings.

In short, the Prophet Muhammad’s marriage with Aisyah took place in Shawwal in the tenth year after Prophethood. Precisely, three years before he moved to Medina. At that time, she was 6 years old. But another story says that at that time he was 7 years old. The marriage mat he gave her was 500 Dirhams. But there is an opinion that says that the one who paid the wedding dowry was Abu Bakr, her own father.

From the information in paragraph above, it can be concluded that when the Prophet Muhammad married Aisyah, the condition of the Muslims in Mecca was important. This is evidenced by the fact that, not long after that the Prophet Muhammad and moved to Medina. At the time of hijrah he left her in Mecca. After the condition of Muslims in Medina was stable, then he told his friends who were still in Mecca to move to Medina.

Although the Prophet Muhammad and Aisha were married, but he did not immediately gather with her. Even when in Medina. Historical records show that when she was in Medina, she did not directly live in one house with her, but after seven months after she lived in Medina. In fact, there is a history that says that a wedding reception was held when she was nine years old. He was very tolerant to her because she was still small, even he rarely entertained her.

The wedding reception is very simple. There is a history that says that the meal at that time was only milk. From this fact we can understand that the economic conditions of the Muhajirites at that time were still unstable because they were only one month in Medina.

Aisha is a beautiful woman. Her body was slim, her eyes were wide, her hair was curly, her face was radiant, and her cheeks were reddish. The house that she and the Prophet Muhammad lived in was just a small room connected to the mosque. The roof comes from the palm tree branch and the mattress is made of coconut palm fiber. Between the mattress and the floor there is only a small mat and at the front door is only covered with wheat stalks.

The marriage made Aisha into a new way of life. The Prophet Muhammad teach her, that the nature of life in the world is the field for life in the hereafter. He has opened her heart and mind so that she can understand that essence. He loves her very much. How not like that, she is the daughter of his best friend very good and noble.

The pattern of interaction between the Prophet Muhammad and Aisha is a pattern of interaction between a father and his daughter. He loved her very much. One proof is his prayer, “O Allah, forgive mistakes of Aisha that has passed, who will come, and what she did blatantly.” She who heard the prayer then laughed happily.

Muslims also love Aisha very much. That is proven in many ways. One of them was when a friend wanted to give a gift to the Prophet Muhammad, he waited until the Prophet Muhammad was at Aisha’s house.

Aisha is a very jealous woman. That happened because she really loved the Prophet Muhammad. But she never showed it. one proof is when he married Shafiah.

Aisha has many features in the mind of Prophet Muhammad and Muslims. Among others are;

One; She was the only woman married to the Prophet Muhammad when she was a girl (virgin).

Two; Allah Taala testified directly to his loyalty to the Prophet Muhammad and she never committed an affair.

Three; Gabriel had come down from the sky by becoming Aisha who was wearing silk.

Four; The Prophet Muhammad once prayed in front of Aisha who was sleeping soundly. He never did that with his other wives.

Five; There was a revelation that came down when the Prophet Muhammad and Aisha and she had seen Gabriel. This never happened to his other wives.

Six; Prophet Muhammad died while he with Aisha and she was buried in her house.

Seven; The Prophet Muhammad always accompanied Aisha if she was sick.

Eight; The Prophet Muhammad once told Fatimah to love Aisha, because he himself also loved her.

The position of Aisha in the minds of Muslims can be seen from the testimonies of several people as follows;

Abu Dhuha said Masruq, “I saw one of the dignitaries of the friends asking her (Aisyah) about the law of inheritance.”

Atha’ said, “Aisha is the smartest person.”

Hisham bin ‘Urwah said, “I do not see people who understand religion, medicine, and literature rather than Aisha.”

Abu Burdah bin Musa said, “Every matter that we do not understand, when we ask Aisha, then it becomes clear.”

As for the virtues behind the marriage of the Prophet Muhammad with Aisha are as follows;

One; Strengthen friendships with Abu Bakr.

Two; Glorifying Aisha for her loyalty to the Prophet Muhammad, her determination and patience carried the burden of life and the spread of Islamic teachings.

Aisha lived with the Prophet Muhammad for nine years. When he died she was eighteen years old. She herself died at the age of sixty-six years. There is an opinion which says, that she died on the night of Tuesday the 17th of Ramadan in 58 hijria. She was buried in Baqi cemetery at night. At that time many people followed her and cried because of her death.

May Allah’s mercy and forgiveness always be poured out on Aisha bint Abu Bakr, the Ummahatul Mukminin (the mother of believers). Amen!

I think that is enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


You can find the information above in, Ali Yusuf as-Subki, Zaujaatu an-Nabiy sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam ath-Thaahiraat wa Hikmatu Ta’addudihinna, al-Imam Publishing, Cairo, p. 68-108 and 242-243.


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