The Discharge of Spirit from Body and Farewell Greetings

Hi all readers! In this article I will explain about process of the discharge of spirit from body. The point is, that when angel of death revoke spirit from the human body, the spirit does not leave body immediately. There are several processes that he went through, even parting sentences said by one body part to another body part.

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In a hadith it is explained, that if a servant is experiencing naza ‘, then there is a cry from the side of ar-Rahman (Allah), “Leave him so he can rest for a while.” If the spirit has reached the chest, then the caller said “Let him be for a moment so he can rest.” Likewise, if the spirit has reached the knees and navel. When the spirit has reached the throat, the cry comes, “Leave him so that each part of the body says goodbye. One eye said good-bye to one other eye, “May salvation always be with you until the Day of Judgment.” Likewise, also two ears, two hands and two legs.”

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Let us take refuge in Allah so that our faith does not utter oral separation. Let us take refuge in God so that understanding of God and faith does not say the parting sentence to the heart, so that two hands cannot move, two feet cannot move, two eyes cannot see, two ears cannot hear, and the body has no spirit.

If oral remain without faith and heart without understanding of Allah, then what would be the condition of a servant in the grave?! He cannot see anyone and anything; father, mother, child, sibling, friend, bed, and even the veil. If he had not seen Allah, the Most Glorious, he really had suffered a huge loss.

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Imam Abu Hanifah said, “Most of the loss of the faith of a servant is at the time of Naza’.” May Allah protect us from the loss of faith.

All Readers! That is a brief explanation of the process of the discharge of the spirit from body and parting sentences spoken from one part of body to other parts of body.

An important point about the explanation above is, that process of the discharge of spirit from body is a very important process, because many people lose their faith when they experience naza’. Faith is something that is very important. That will determine the fate of someone in the afterlife. If someone dies with the faith, then he will have good luck. Conversely, if he dies with no faith, then he will have bad luck.

I think that’s enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you in the next article!

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