Satan’s Method for Taking a Person’s Faith

Hi all readers! The loss of faith from a servant’s heart is a sign that he will be miserable. In general, a person loses faith when he is experiencing Sakaratul Maut. Sakaratul maut is the seconds before someone dies, precisely when the spirit will come out of the body.

There are several things that cause a person’s faith to disappear before he dies. But what is clear, in Islam is explained, that the devil who took the faith. That’s why in this article I will explain about Satan’s method for taking a person’s faith.

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Imam Abdurrahim bin Ahmad al-Qadli said, that it was explained in a hadith, that when a servant is experiencing Sakaratul Maut, the Satan comes to the side of the servant’s head. Satan then said to him, “Leave this religion and say despicable words twice so that you can survive this tribulation.”

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Abu Hanifah was once asked about the sin that most affected the loss of the faith of a servant. He said, “Not giving thanks for the faith, not being afraid at the last moment before someone dies, and judging others.”

Thus, whoever has in his heart such sins, in general he will die in a state of not bringing faith, except those who get happiness.

All Readers! if we understand the brief explanation in the three paragraphs above, then surely, we know, that Sakaratul Maut is very important seconds for everyone. Why is that? Of course, because at that time the fate of a person in the hereafter was determined. If he is able to pass through Sakaratul Maut very well, do not obey the devil, then in the afterlife he will live happily. On the other hand, if he cannot pass through the window of death properly, then in the hereafter he will live a miserable life.

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The question is, how do you get someone to pass through Sakaratul Maut perfectly?

Because the things that a person will experience at the time of Sakaratul Maut are things that relate to what he has done before, the answer is to do all good things, worship Allah, do all the commands of Islam, and stay away from all the prohibitions.

One thing that we must not forget, that we also must always pray that we survive the devil’s interference when we experience Sakaratul Maut.

All Readers! That is a brief explanation of how Satan takes one’s faith. That is a general explanation. A more specific explanation I will explain in the next article! May be useful!

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See you in the next article!


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