Prophetic Signs of Prophet Muhammad

Hi all readers! In this article, I will explain the prophetic signs of Prophet Muhammad that Bahira knows about it for sure. This explanation is a series of explanations about Bahira and its position in Islamic history.

In the article before I explained, that when Bahira knew that there was one Quraysh who had not participated in the banquet, he wanted people who were not present to be called to join the banquet. That person is a small Prophet Muhammad. He was also willing to participate in the banquet.

After the Prophet Muhammad joined with other people, Bahira was very concerned about his body. Bahira saw many things that were in his body. Bahira finally found out the prophetic signs in his body.

After the banquet was over and people left, Bahira stood up and said to the Prophet Muhammad, “O young man, for the sake of the idols of Lata and the idols of ‘Uzza, I will ask you unless you will tell me about something that I ask you.” Bahira said it was to him, because Bahira knew that his people swore by saying the names of the two idols.

People thought that the Prophet Muhammad would say to Bahira, “Do not ask me anything for the sake of the idols of Lata and the idols of ‘Uzza. For Allah’s sake, I did not scold one thing with the anger of both of them.” Bahira then said to him, “So for Allah’s sake you will tell me about something I asked you.” He said, “Ask me about something you want!”


Prophet Muhammad in Abu Talib’s Care

Bahira then asked the Prophet Muhammad about his condition, such as his sleep, his appearance, and many other things related to him. He then told Bahira. His answer is in accordance with Bahira’s knowledge of the last Prophet to be sent to the universe. Then Bahira saw his back. Bahira then knew the last prophetic sign was between his shoulders.

This story of the Bahira meeting and the Prophet Muhammad reaps many interpretations. For Christians, the story is used as the basis for saying that the foundations of Islamic teachings have been studied by Prophet Muhammad from Bahira. Of course, this assumption is very baseless. I need to say again, that when he met Bahira, he was around twelve years old. It makes no sense if he studies it at that age, moreover the history of the story is invalid (non-sahih).

All readers! That is a brief explanation of prophetic signs of Prophet Muhammad. Look forward too many other interesting stories in the following articles!

I think that is enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


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