The Prophet Muhammad’s Teenage Phase; A Best Explanation

Islamic Solution Center: The Prophet Muhammad’s Teenage Phase ~ Hi all readers! In this article I will explain about one phase that has passed through the Prophet Muhammad as a human being. The phase I mean is the teenage phase. There is something special in that phase which makes it not like the phase that teenagers go through in general.

After Abu Talib and the Prophet Muhammad returned from Sham, he lived normally as children in general. He associates with the community, pastures sheep, plays with other teenagers, and so on. In fact, he once played a competition with other teenagers.

But there is something special in that phase. Even though he was hanging out with people who worshiped idols, even though he played with other teenagers, he never did anything related to polytheism. He also never opened his aurat like the other teenagers. Allah always takes care of his honor.


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One day the teenage Prophet Muhammad played with other teenagers. They moved a stone to make a game. The teenagers carried their sarongs to their necks. When he was about to stretch his holster, suddenly someone hit him hard and said, “Wear your scabbard properly!”

Such privileges also happened one night. One night, there were lovers in the city of Mecca who held a wedding. Prophet Muhammad who returned from pasturing the sheep heard the song. He also sat down and listened. But Allah does not bless it. Allah immediately flicked his ear to feel hot. He then faced his friend who was behind to ask what his friend had done, maybe his friend had flicked his ear. But his friend said that his friend did nothing. He then told what had happened. He experienced such an event twice.

All readers! Some of the stories above explain that since childhood the Prophet Muhammad never did things that were not true according to Islamic teachings. He never worshiped idols, he never drank khamr, he never opened his genitals (aurat), etc. Allah always safeguards his honor so that he is always in the true teachings of religion.

This made the Prophet Muhammad a very honorable man and the best ethic in his people. He also became the person who best understood how to get along with other people, who were the best to neighbors, the most honest of his words, the most honest of his words, and so on. That is the reason why he got the title “al-Amin (a very trustworthy person)”.

All readers! That is a brief explanation of Prophet Muhammad’s teenage phase. Look forward too many other interesting stories in the following articles!

I think that is enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


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