Abdullah and Aminah; Prophet Muhammad’s Parents

Islamic Guide Center: Hi all readers! There are two special people we should never forget in this life. The two people I mean are Abdullah and Aminah. Why is that? Because they are the two who gave birth to Prophet Muhammad to this world. If we are accustomed to respecting water sources that produce clear water so that they can be drunk, then respect for Prophet Muhammad would not be perfect if he did not respect his father and mother.

I think the brief explanation above can explain the reason why I wrote this article. Yup! One goal is that we get to know Abdullah and Aminah. Thus, our understanding of Prophet Muhammad will be better.


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Biography of Abdullah and Aminah

Abdullah is the father of Prophet Muhammad. Whereas Aminah is a mother. I want to say, that the genealogy of Abdullah and Aminah met at Qushai. Note the following explanation!

Abdullah was the son of Abdul Muthallib ibn Hashim ibn Abdul Manaf bin Qushai bin Kilab bin Murrah bin Ka’ab ibn Luay bin Ghalib ibn Fihr ibn Malik bin ibn Nadlar ibn Kinanah ibn Khuzaimah bin Mudrikah ibn Ilyas bin Mudlar ibn Nazar bin Ma’ad bin ‘Adnan.

Whereas Aminah was the son of Wahab bin Abdu Manaf bin Zahrah who was married to Barrah binti Abdul ‘Uzza bin Uthman ibn Abduddar bin Qushai.

The information that Prophet Muhammad’s parents met at Qushai is as follows;

Qushai married Hubba bint Halil bin Habasyiah bin Salul bin Ka’ab bin Amru al-Khuza’i. from the marriage they had four sons (Abdu Manaf bin Qushai (or Mughirah bin Qushai), Abduddar bin Qushai, Abdul ‘Uzza bin Qushai, and Abdu Qushai bin Qushai) and two daughters (Takhmar bint Qushai and Barrah binti Qushai).

Abdu Manaf married ‘Atikah bint Murrah bin Hilal bin Falij bin Dzakwan bin Tsa’labah bin Bahtsah bin Salim bin Manshur bin ‘Ikrimah. They both have three children; Hashim ibn Abdu Manaf, Abdu Shams bin Abdu Manaf, and Muttallib bin Abdu Manaf. Abdu Manaf is also married to Waqidah binti ‘Amru al-Maziniyah (Mazin bin Manshur bin ‘Ikrimah) and has a son who is named Naufal bin Abdu Manaf. So, all Abdu Manaf’s children are four.

Hasyim bin Abdu Manaf has four sons; Abdul Muthallib bin Hashim, Asad bin Hasyim, Abu Shaifi ibn Hashim, Nadlalah bin Hashim. He also has five daughters; Syifa ‘binti Hasyim, Khalidah binti Hadyim, Dla’ifah binti Hasyim, Ruqaiyyah binti Hasiym, and Hayyah binti Hasyim. Mrs. Abdul Mutallib bin Hasyim and Ruqaiyyah bint Hasyim were Salma binti ‘Amru bin Zaid bin Labid bin Khadasy bin ‘Amir bin Ghanam bin ‘Addi bin Najjar.

Abdul Mutahallib bin Hasyim had ten sons (Abbas, Hamzah, Abdullah, Abu Talib, Zubair, Harith, Jahla, Muqawwim, Dlarara, Abu Laham) and six daughters (Shafiyah, Ummu hakim al-Baidla, ‘Atikah, Amimah, Arwa, Barrah). Abdullah, Abu Talib, Zubair and all his daughters except Shafiyah, they were children of Abdul Muttallib bin Hashim from his marriage to Fatima binti ‘Amru bin’ Aidz bin ‘Imran ibn Makhzum Yaqdhah bin Murrah bin Ka’ab bin Luay bin Ghalib ibn Fihr ibn Malik son of Nadlar. While the other children are from his marriage with his other wives.

Abdullah is a child who is dedicated to his parents. It was proven that he had once refused a woman who wanted to marry him. The woman offered her to Abdullah to get married. But Abdullah refused it on the grounds that he did not want to fight his father.

After that Abdul Muthallib married Abdullah with a very beautiful woman who had an honorable position in the Quraysh tribe. The woman named Amina, mother of Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. Sheis a very lucky woman in this world, because God’s lover (Prophet Muhammad) was born from her womb.

Aminah’s Pregnancy

Abdullah bin Abdul Mutallib married Aminah bint Wahab. They both have one son named Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.

In general, Aminah’s pregnancy is like those of other women. But there is something special in Aminah’s pregnancy. In the book “as-Siirah an-Nabawiyyah” it is told, that Abdullah bin Abdul-Muttallib had another wife besides Aminah. One day he met his other wife. He called his wife, but she did not rush to see him because he saw traces of mud on his body because of some work he had done. He then went into the house and cleaned the mud. Actually, his other wife saw that there was light between his eyes and wanted the light.

Abdullah then “met” Aminah. His other wife then called him, but he refused because of something his other wife had done. He then left the room. His other wife did not see any light between his eyes. The light disappeared after he “met” Aminah. Aminah then contained Prophet Muhammad.

When Aminah was pregnant, she was visited by a creature who said to her, “Surely you have contained the leader of this people. If he has been born, then say it;

I ask for protection from the One God for him…
From the ugliness of all those who are envious…
In every kindness of people who worship…
And every servant who leads…
Down not increase…
Indeed, he is a servant of God who is most praiseworthy and glorious…
Until I saw him, he had come to great events…
Indeed, the sign means, that with him will come a light that fills the palaces of Basra from the land of Sham. If he was born, give him the name “Muhammad”. Indeed, the name in the Torah is “Ahmad”. All the inhabitants of the sky and all the earth praised it. His name in al-Furqan is “Muhammad.” So, give him that name.”

Many historical data explain, that Abdullah died when Aminah is pregnant. Thus, Prophet Muhammad never met his father.

Aminah’s death

Earlier I explained, that the father of Prophet Muhammad died when he was not born into the world. Shortly after he was born, when he was six years old, Aminah took him to Medina. There is a difference of opinion about why Aminah took him there. First, because they have relatives there. Second, because they will visit the grave of Abdullah, his father. But a valid opinion says, that their real goal was to visit his father’s grave. They went there with Umm Ayman, the woman who took care of him on the trip.

In essence, Prophet Muhammad and Aminah went to Medina. They were there for one month. There they lived in one of the houses of the Bani Najjar. Bani Najjar is a family of his grandfather’s aunt. After finishing the business there, they returned to Mecca. But in the middle of the trip, before they arrived in Mecca, precisely in the village of al-Abwa’, his mother passed away. Her body is not below to Mecca; she was buried there.

Of course, we can not imagine what would happen if Umm Ayman did not come with Prophet Muhammad and his mother to Medina. I also could not imagine how devastated he was and how confused he was that at that time was still small. He is still 6 years old; what should he do to bury his mother’s body and how did he return to Mecca? Umm Ayman brought him back to Mecca to gather with his family. Thus, Umm Ayman is one of the people who has served in his life!

Prophet Muhammad often remembered memories in Medina. After the migration ceremony, when he passed in the houses of Bani ‘Addi, he remembered that his mother had lived in one of the houses there. He also remembered where he had learned to swim. He also played on a field with a little girl called “Anisah”.

All Readers! Those are some brief explanations about Abdullah and Aminah. They are both very special and fortunate people who have won the trust to give birth to noble people; Prophet Muhammad. May the grace of God always be on them both! Amen
Readers all!

That is a brief explanation of Prophet Muhammad’s parents. May Allah’s mercy be poured out on them both! Amin!

See you again!


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