Prophet Muhammad’s Marriage with Juwairiyah bint Harith

Prophet Muhammad’s Marriage with Juwairiyah bint Harith ~ Hi all readers! In this article, I will explain the strategy of freeing slaves behind the marriage of the Prophet Muhammad with Juwairiyah bint Harith. His polygamy this time was also in order to change the social order that was not in accordance with Islamic teachings. There is no single marriage that aims to vent sexual desires. None at all.

This wife of the Prophet Muhammad was Juwairiyah bint Harith bin Abi Dlarar bin Habib bin ‘A’idz bin Malik bin Jazimah bin al-Mushthalaq bin Khuza’ah. I did not find historical data that explained her mother’s name. His wife’s real name is Barrah. He then changed his name as he did to Zainab bint Jahsy.

The story is, in the month of Shaban in 5 hijria, the Prophet Muhammad got the news that Harith ibn Abi Dlarar, leader of the Bani Mushthalaq who was helping the enemies of Islam in the battle of Uhud, gathered troops to attack him. He then welcomed Harith bin Abi Dlarar with a very large army. He handed over the security of the city of Medina to Zaid bin Harithah. Aisha and Umm Salamah accompanied him in the war. Many hypocrites who had not participated in the war once joined him because they hoped for world treasures.

In the midst of the journey the Prophet Muhammad caught the spies of the Bani Mushthalaq. He asked the intelligence about the condition of the enemy. But the spies did not want to answer. He then ordered that the intelligence be killed.

When Harith bin Abi Dlarar accepted the news of the arrival of Muslim troops to fight him, and the news that they had killed his intelligence, he and his army were so frightened that they scattered.

When Muslim forces arrived at Muraisi, the Prophet Muhammad offered Islam to Harith bin Abi Dlarar and his army, but they refused. Two troops then prepared to fight. In short, the war was won by Muslim forces. The enemy forces scattered. The Muslim forces that won the war got two thousand camels and five thousand sheep. In addition, they also captured women and children from the enemy. Among the women held captive is Barrah binti Harith. There are two hundred families who are prisoners.

There are differences of opinion about who became the husband of Barrah (Juwairiyah) bint Harith before she married the Prophet Muhammad. The first opinion said that she was the wife of Musafi’ bin Shafwan. Another opinion said that she was the wife of Shafwan bin Malik. What is clear, her ex-husband has been killed.

In addition, there were also differences of opinion about the process of meeting the Prophet Muhammad with Juwairiyah bint Harith. The first opinion said, that when prisoners were distributed to Muslim forces, she was part of the possession of Thabit bin Qais bin Shamas al-Ansari. She then came to see the Prophet Muhammad to ask for help to be separated from Qais bin Shamas al-Ansari. He then gave her something better, namely he redeemed her and married her. She agreed to his offer. He then redeemed her and married her.

Another history says that Harith bin Abi Dlarar came to see the Prophet Muhammad to redeem his daughter. Actually, he came with two camels he really liked to make as a ransom. But he then hid the two camels in a valley in ‘Aqiq. No one knows about that. He then replaced the two camels with other items to make as a ransom. He then came to the Prophet Muhammad and said, “O Muhammad, you have captured my daughter and this is the ransom.” Prophet Muhammad said, “Where are the two camels that you have hidden in a valley in ‘Aqiq like this and like this?” He then said, “I testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. For Allah’ss sake, no one knows about that except Allah.”

Harith bin Abi Dlarar then converted to Islam. Likewise, also two sons and his people. He then told people to take the two camels. He then gave one camel to the Prophet Muhammad. Juwairiyah then came to him. She then converted to Islam and practiced Islam very well. Prophet Muhammad then proposed her. Her father then married the Prophet Muhammad with her. Prophet Muhammad gave her dowry as many as 400 Dirhams.

Juwairiyah is a very beautiful woman. Almost everyone who saw her fell in love with her. When the news of her marriage with the Prophet Muhammad spread among the Muslims, they knew that she had become their mother because she had become his wife. Thus, for them the people of the Bani Mushthalaq were his message. They assumed that it would be inappropriate if they continued to make the Bani Mushthalaq people slaves. It was very contradictory to the polite rules that were taught by Islam. That also does not include the way to respect him. For this reason, they freed the people of the Mushthalaq who were their slaves.

With the marriage, Juwairiyah bint Harith is a woman who brings great blessings to her people.

But Juwairiyah bint Harith is still an ordinary human. In the end she died in the reign of Mu’awiyah in 56 hijria in Medina. Another opinion says that she died in 70 hijria. There are also those who say that she died in 50 hijria when he was 50 years old. But a valid opinion says that she died when he was 65 years old in the month of Rabi’ul Awwal in 50 hijria.

May Allah’s mercy and forgiveness be poured out on the Mother of Believers, Juwairiyah bint Harith. Amen!

I think that is enough for this article! May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


We can also find the information above in, Ali Yusuf as-Subki, Zaujaatu an-Nabiy ath-Thaahiraat wa Hikmatu Ta’addudihinna, al-Faith Publishing, Cairo, p. 169-174.


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