Prophet Muhammad’s Goodness to People Who Have Hurt Him

Prophet Muhammad’s Goodness to People Who Have Hurt Him ~ Hi all readers! In this article, I will explain the goodness of the Prophet Muhammad to those who have hurt him. As Muslims, specifically, and as humans, in general, we need to know this. This will be very beneficial for those of us who are living in the midst of the chaos of life. Maybe there have been people or there will be people who hurt us. Our hearts are offended. It is reasonable. But there is a better way than he has exemplified to address the attitude of someone who hurt us.

But, before I speak further about the topic of this article, I will present the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad as follows;

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : صل من قطعك , وأعط من حرمك , واعف عمن ظلمك

The Messenger of Allah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, “Connect the relationship with the person who has cut relationship with you, give someone who does not give you, and forgive those who have acted arbitrarily on you.” (This hadith is narrated by Ahmad number 17488).

All readers! If we look at the hadith above, then we will know that there is a command to do good to those who do not do good to us. I admit; indeed, this order is very heavy. We are required to throw away all the egos that are within us. For example, maybe in the past days someone had cut off friendships with us because of a misunderstanding. He doesn’t want to talk to us, he’s even hostile to us. Logically, we are innocent. Our status as innocent people sometimes make us obey the wishes of those people and we give up what we do. But what are the consequences? Friendships break!

Another example, someone hit us. Logically and legally, we have the right to sue him for the realm of law and put him in prison. What we do is true and in accordance with legal procedures. But what are the consequences? It could be that after that he is getting more vengeful with us or his family or friends and revenge on us. We also cannot calm down. But what if we forgive him? Of course, negative consequences are reduced, and it is not even impossible that our relationship with that person will be good and improve. Indeed, this is very difficult, especially if we do not have enough logic to understand all possibilities in the future.

There is one interesting story related to the theme this time which was narrated by Jabir bin Abdillah radliyallaahu ‘anhumaa, that the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam once fought the people of Khafshah bin Qais bin Ghailan. After that they were not happy with the Muslims. One day someone from them named Ghaurats bin Harith came to him and stood on his head carrying a sword. Ghaurats bin Harith then said, “Who will protect you from me?” He replied, “Allah.” The sword fell. He then took it and said, “Who will protect you from me?” Ghaurats bin Harith said, “Be you a good avenger.” He said, “Do you testify that there is no god but Allah?” Ghaurats bin Harith said, “No. But I promise you that I will not fight you and I will not join the people who fight you.” He then released Ghaurat bin Harith. Ghaurats bin Harith then came to his companions and said, “Indeed I have come to you from the best human beings.” (The hadith is narrated by al-Bukhari (3905) and Muslim (843)).

All readers! If we reflect on the hadith above, then we will understand that there is a match between what the Prophet Muhammad has said and what he has done. He told us to forgive people who hurt us. He also forgave the person who almost killed him. In the story above, it is explained that someone stood on his head carrying a sword. But with the power of Allah Ta’ala the sword fell then he was taken. If we experience something like that, what will we do? There are people who want to kill us. He brought a knife. We managed to grab the knife. After that what do we do?!

In the story above, it is explained that the Prophet Muhammad forgave Ghaurats bin Harith, even he let it go! Of course, such an attitude will not be possessed by people who attach importance to the ego rather than the general good.

I think that is enough for this article about Prophet Muhammad’s goodness to people who have hurt Him! May it be useful for the peace of all beings in the sky and on earth. Amen!

See you again in the next article!


We can find the story above and other stories in, Fannu at-Ta’aamul an-Nabawiy ma’a Ghairi al-Muslimiin, by Raghib as-Sarjani, Dar al-Arqam, Cairo, 2010, p. 158-168.


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