When Prophet Muhammad’s Chest was Split; A Best Explanation

Islamic Opinion Center: When Prophet Muhammad’s Chest was Split ~ Hi all readers! In this article I will explain about the miraculous phenomena that the Prophet Muhammad experienced when he was a child. The miraculous phenomenon that I mean is when his chest is split. This phenomenon had become a debate between the party who refused it and the party who received it.

This phenomenon occurs when the Prophet Muhammad and Halimah for two or three months. One day, when Halimah and her husband, Harith bin Abdul ‘Uzza, were behind the house, while the Prophet Muhammad was playing with one of his brothers who was also breastfed by Halimah, suddenly his brother came to meet them both to tell the incident.

After Halimah and her husband found out about this, they both rushed to meet him. Strangely, there were no problems with the condition. He is very healthy even though his stomach has been split. Halimah’s husband then hugged him and asked, “O my son, how is your condition?” He replied, “There are two men dressed in white coming to me. They both told me to lie down and split my stomach. They took something out of him then threw it away. Then they restore the condition of my stomach as before.”


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Halimah and her husband then took the Prophet Muhammad back home. Her husband said, “O Halimah, really I am afraid something will happen to my child. Come with me to return him to his family before something worrying happens.

Halimah and her husband then took the Prophet Muhammad to his family. When they met his mother, Aminah, his mother said, “Why did you return him; haven’t you taken care of him?”

Halimah and her husband then ask Prophet Muhammad about something had happened to him. They both feared something unexpected would happen or he would disappear. After that Aminah said, “Are you worried that Satan will disturb him? Really, for the sake of Allah, Satan will not be able to do that. “After that Aminah told what she experienced when she was still pregnant.

In short, Halimah and her husband handed the small Prophet Muhammad to his family. I did not find a more detailed historical account of why they both handed him to his family after they both heard the story of his mother while still pregnant. I only found information, that the reason they were both concerned was that something bad would happen to him.

All readers! That is a brief explanation of when Prophet Muhammad’s chest was split. Look forward to other interesting explanations in the next few articles!

I think that is enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


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