Prophet Muhammad Is Fair Even though He Is Very Angry

Prophet Muhammad Is Fair Even though He Is Very Angry ~ Hi all readers! In this article, I will still present the news of the Prophet Muhammad. If in some of the previous articles I delivered justice he mostly related to other people, in this article I will present a problem related to him. [There is one article that I wrote earlier which also explains that the Prophet Muhammad remained fair even though he was harmed].

The first historical data that I will present regarding the artical theme this time relates to the attitude of the Prophet Muhammad to the two envoys of Musailamah, the false Prophet.

One day there were two messengers from Musailamah who came to meet the Prophet Muhammad. Very clearly the two envoys said that they both believed in Musailamah, not to him, and followed the religion brought by Musailamah. That is, the two envoys included people who left Islam.

At that time people who quit Islam could be killed because it was very possible that the person would harm the Muslims. [But today the law does not apply. So, people who leave Islam cannot be killed, their rights must be protected] That is because he himself once said;

لا يحل دم امرئ مسلم يشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأني رسول الله إلا بإحدى ثلاث : الثيب الزاني , والنفس بالنفس , والتارك لدينه المفارق للجماعة

It is not lawful for the blood of Muslims who testify that there is no god but Allah and that in fact I am the Messenger of Allah except with three things; a widow who commits adultery, a person who has killed another person, and someone who abandoned her religion who left the group.” (The hadith is narrated by al-Bukhari (6484) and Muslim (1676)).

Before I continue discussing the theme of this article, I would like to first convey, that in the current context the law of the hadith is not applicable; people who commit adultery should not be killed, people who have killed people should not be killed, and people who leave Islam must not be killed. I say this because the current context is different from the context in the time of the Prophet Muhammad’s life. In fact, in the current context, if there are people who kill people who commit adultery, kill people who have killed people, or kill people who leave Islam, they must be punished according to the applicable regulations.

All readers! You must know that the two envoys of Musailamah at that time not only left Islam, but even the two of them invited people to acknowledge Musailamah’s prophethood and follow his religion. In addition, they both came to negotiate with the Prophet Muhammad so that he would be willing to share prophethood or so he would be willing to take turns with Musailamah to become a Prophet.

As a Prophet and Apostle, of course that was very big for the Prophet Muhammad. For humans, it can be like I would assume that what was done by the two envoys of Musailmah included harassment in a real way. When he faced the two envoys like that he did not act arbitrarily, even he did not kill them. He said;

أما والله ! لو لا أن الرسل لا تقتل لضربت أعناقكما

“For the sake of Allah! If only the envoys should not be killed, then I will definitely cut off the necks of you two.” (The hadith is narrated by Abu Daud (2761), al-Hakim (2632), and Ahmad (16032)).

In addition to the story above, actually there are still some historical data relating to the theme of this article. I will deliver one more. You still remember the battle of Uhud? During the war Muslims suffered a major defeat. On their side many troops were killed, including Hamzah bin Abdul Muthallib, uncle of the Prophet Muhammad, who died in very sad conditions. After the incident, people from Anshar said that they would repay the incident very cruelly. That is, they will kill enemy forces in numbers that exceed the Anshar who died in the war. During the war Muslim troops from Anshar who died as many as sixty-four people. In the war the Prophet Muhammad also professed a very large loss, even, as I recall, his teeth were broken.

If we look at the history of Islam until the Prophet Muhammad died, the best opportunity to vent this anger was when the city of Mecca was conquered by Muslims. With the strength of the combat troops they have, they can avenge enemy forces more cruelly. But Islam forbids that. When the city of Mecca was conquered, the Prophet Muhammad received a revelation from Allah Ta’ala;

وَإِنۡ عَاقَبۡتُمۡ فَعَاقِبُواْ بِمِثۡلِ مَا عُوقِبۡتُم بِهِۦۖ وَلَئِن صَبَرۡتُمۡ لَهُوَ خَيۡرٞ لِّلصَّٰبِرِينَ ١٢٦

And if you take your turn, then retaliate with the like of that with which you were afflicted; but if you are patient, it will certainly be best for those who are patient. (An-Nahl [16]; 126).

As a result, the Prophet Muhammad forbade Muslim forces to act arbitrarily and beyond limits.

That is a brief explanation of Prophet Muhammad is fair even though he is very angry. May be useful!

See you again in the next article!


We can find the following story above, Fannu at-Ta’aamul an-Nabawiy ma’a Ghairi al-Muslimiin, by Raghib as-Sarjani, Dar al-Arqam, Cairo, 2010, p. 142-148.


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