Prophet Muhammad in Abu Talib’s Care

Prophet Muhammad in Abu Talib’s Care ~ Hi all readers! In this article, I will explain the role of Abu Talib in the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Previously I explained, that Abdul Muttalib, his grandfather, died when he was eight years old. After that, the person who played a role in guarding him was his own uncle, Abu Talib.

Maybe I need to say again, that Abdul Muttallib had many children from many wives. Abdullah and Abu Talib, were two brothers born to one mother. Because that was before Abdul Mutallib died, he advised Abu Talib to care for the small Prophet Muhammad.

Abu Talib greatly respected the will of Abdul Muttalib. Abu Talib loved the Prophet Muhammad more than he felt for his own children. He did not sleep before the Prophet Muhammad slept. He was always with the Prophet Muhammad wherever the Prophet Muhammad went.

I did not find details of the history of the role of Abu Talib when he took care of the young Prophet Muhammad. But a lot of historical data explains that he loved the Prophet Muhammad very much, even when the Prophet Muhammad had received revelations from Allah to teach Islam to people.

One proof of Abu Talib’s love for the Prophet Muhammad is that Abu Talib allowed him to herd sheep. Maybe it looks strange, how could permission to pasture sheep be proof of love?

I need to say here, that at that time, among the Arabs, herding goats was not a shame. Many children of the Arab nation’s dignitaries did that. Someone who grazes goats has a lot of knowledge that is not shared by others, especially knowledge about nature. Allah Ta’ala said;

 وَلَكُمۡ فِيهَا جَمَالٌ حِينَ تُرِيحُونَ وَحِينَ تَسۡرَحُونَ ٦

And there is beauty in them for you when you drive them back (to home), and when you send them forth (to pasture). (An-Nahl [16]; 6).

I did not find historical data specifically explaining that Abu Talib was a follower of the Prophet Muhammad in Islam. But there are actually differences of opinion about that. Some say that he died as a non-Muslim. Because of that, in the discourse on Islamic theology, he became the lightest person in Hell’s torment. But there are also those who say that he became a Muslim at the end of his life. That is, in the second opinion, in the hereafter he is a survivor.

Abu Talib had a very big role in the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Abu Talib often defended the Prophet Muhammad from interference from his enemies when he preached. Abu Talib was able to do anything to maintain his safety, especially when he spread propaganda in Mecca.

I will explain some of the important roles of Abu Talib in his life in the next few articles. I will not explain here because it is too long.

I think that is enough for this article about Prophet Muhammad in Abu Talib’s care. May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


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