Prophet Muhammad in Abdul Muttallib’s Care

Prophet Muhammad in Abdul Muttallib’s Care ~ Hi all readers! In the previous article, I explained the death of Aminah, the mother of the Prophet Muhammad. At that time, he was six years old. After that, the small Prophet Muhammad was cared for by Abdul Muttalib. This is what I will explain in this article.

Before I explain it further, maybe we need to imagine, how does a little six-year-old child who doesn’t have parents feel?! I guess that’s what the Prophet Muhammad also felt. Abdullah, his father died before he was born into the world. Six years after he was born into the world, his mother passed away. What a very difficult condition for a child.

But the Prophet Muhammad was very lucky. Even though at the age of six he did not have a father and mother, he still had a family that really loved him. Historical data explains, that after his mother passed away, he was raised by Abdul Muttalib who was none other than his own grandfather. Abdul Muttalib loved him very much.

Abdul Muttallib’s love for the Prophet Muhammad was very evident one day. Previously I would like to say, that Abdul Muttallib was the leader of the Quraisy tribe who took care of the Ka’bah. Under the auspices of the Ka’bah, the mat was devoted to Abdul Muttallib. No one was Abdul Muttallib’s son who dared to sit on it because he was very respectful of their father.


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One day the small Prophet Muhammad came and sat on the mat. Actually, all his uncles wanted him to sit in the back. But Abdul Muttallib forbade his children from doing that. Abdul Muttallib still let him sit on his mat. Abdul Muttallib then wiped his back and said, “Indeed my son (my grandson) has a position.”

Abdul Muttallib loved the Prophet Muhammad very much. He was one of the people who played an important role in his life. Unfortunately, not a lot of historical data tells about it. But, clearly, he is one of the few people who still follow the religion brought by Prophet Isa which is straight.

Not long after that Abdul Muttallib died. At that time the Prophet Muhammad was eight years old. In other words, Abdul Muttallib cared for him for two years. At the age of six he lost his mother. Two years later he lost a grandfather. He is very sad!

The small Prophet Muhammad participated in the process of burying Abdul Muttallib. Historical data says that at that time he cried very loudly, that there were no more powerful cries that could match his cry before that.

All readers! That is a brief explanation of Prophet Muhammad in Abdul Muttallib’s care. May Allah’s grace always be poured out on his grandfather. Amen!

I think that is enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


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