Humanism in Polygamy of Prophet Muhammad

Islamic Knowledge Center: Polygamy of Prophet Muhammad ~ Hi all readers! In this article I will present about humanism in the polygamy of the Prophet Muhammad. Perhaps many of us, especially women, consider polygamy to be injustice for women with a multitude of reasons. In fact there are some people who consider polygamy carried out by the Prophet Muhammad as a form of libido impingement.

But there is an important thing that we must know, that the life of the household of the Prophet Muhammad in Mecca, before he migrated to Medina, contained only himself and Khadijah who was the first woman he married. When he married Khadijah, Khadijah himself was a widow. Their age was far apart. While fostering a household with Khadijah he did not marry another woman from the marriage he had two sons and four daughters.

After Khadijah passed away the Prophet Muhammad then married several women who were members of his household while in Medina. Surely what he did was a general good that could only be understood after deep reflection. Among the virtues that we can meet are as follows;

First; The Prophet Muhammad tried his best to convey the faith, sharia, knowledge, morality of Islam to all humans; both male or female, parents or children. His wives became one of the best intermediaries for help that was good for him to carry out and deliver this obligation. It was proven that they narrated the hadith and also gave fatwas for matters relating to husband and wife relations, sexual intercourse and procedures, bathing or not bathing afterwards, kissing while fasting, how men enjoyed their wives while menstruating and postpartum without direct and other intimate relationships that every Muslim male and female must know in order not to fall into the mud of sin.


The Grandchildren of Prophet Muhammad

The Children of Prophet Muhammad

Second; Convey laws that are specific about an unknown husband and wife relationship except by a wife, namely how to regulate the house. Husband and wife relations have an important position in social life. Sometimes a woman finds it difficult to carry out obligations properly. Submission of laws like this can be realized through submission of questions about it.

The wives of the Prophet had an important role in the narration of the hadith and the submission of laws relating to the relationship between husband and wife, especially Aisha who had narrated about 2210 hadiths. Many friends and tabi’in who narrated the hadith from him. Likewise with Hafshah who has narrated 60 hadith. The certain laws that are unknown except by the wives of the Prophet are like the kiss of him who is fasting to his wives. That was told by Umm Salamah. Likewise with his wives.

Third; the teachings of Islam can be broadest after the Prophet Muhammad died because the people closest to him were very close to him very actively spread it. Among them were his wives.

Fourth; the wives of the Prophet Muhammad could be used as a reference to ask things that could not be explained by him because he was embarrassed to answer them, such as the explanation of Aisha to a woman about the procedures for purification of menstruation described by the Prophet by using the like and not explained details.

Fifth; Appearing the miracle of the Prophet who was previously hidden. If it is not because of the number of wives that many, then the miracle will not appear before humans. This was compounded by the burden he had to bear, about the clearness of his strength in carrying out obligations to all of them, in addition to a life of all shortcomings, frequent fasting, length of worship and the severity of struggle; the case that made many friends talk about him that he was given the strength of thirty or forty men; power that is not possible for anyone other than the person who was blessed by Allah Ta’ala.

Sixth; The Prophet Muhammad could unite the Arabs by establishing family relationships to minimize their hatred towards him. This ordering strategy has a positive effect as seen from Abu Sufyan’s words when he heard that he married his daughter, “He is a stallion that will not overtake his nose.” Likewise with Shafiah who chose him when he gave Shafiah a choice; become his wife or return to his people. That alleviated the tension between him and the Jews after that. Likewise also with Juwairiyah binti Harits al-Musthaliqiyyah who had chosen him when his father came to redeem it. The Juwairiyah father had released two camels. He asked him, “Where do you release two camels somewhere on the cliff edge?” His father then converted to Islam with his two children and his people.

Seventh; Proof that Muhammad was truly the Prophet of Allah. One of us has two wives and finds it difficult to reconcile and do justice to them. But he has nine wives. He reconciled them. They sought his willingness and competed to get it. All of that happens because of intelligence, spaciousness, good morals, knowledge, amazing wisdom and perfection of the mind that the Prophet has. Maybe you know in the life of the Prophet’s household that in addition to the large number of wives, there have never been problems except two or three times.

I think that is enough for this article about polygamy of Prophet Muhammad. May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


You can find the above information in, Ali Yusuf as-Subki, Zaujaatu an-Nabiy sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam ath-Thaahiraat wa Hikmatu Ta’addudihinna, al-Imam Publishing, Cairo, p. 237-240.


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