Islamic Reflection; Five Killer Poisons and the Antidotes

Islamic Reflection ~ Hi all readers! In this article, I will explain the five killer poisons and the antidotes. This explanation can be our reminder of how we should live in the world. It can also be an Islamic reflection that will be very useful if we understand it correctly.

In hadith explained, “There are five things that become killer poisons and five other things become antidotes. The world is a killer poison and zuhud is the antidote.

Treasure is a killer poison and zakat is the antidote. Speech is killer poison and dhikr to Allah is the antidote. Age is a killer poison and obedience is the antidote. Full year is killer poison and Ramadan is the antidote.”

All Readers! I will slightly explain the purpose of the above hadith. Pay attention!

The World is a Killer Poison and Zuhud Is the Antidote

The meaning of the above sentence is, that the life of this world tends to deceive humans. Many people are so absorbed in all the pleasures that exist in the world that they forget the hereafter. Of course, it’s very dangerous. Someone who is only busy in worldly matters, especially if he is concerned with it all rather than preparing himself for the afterlife, will do anything so that his goals can be achieved. He did not care whether what was done was right according to religion or not. For him, the important thing is he can get what he wants.

But we don’t need to be afraid of the poison. Remember! Zuhud is the antidote.

In short, we can understand, that zuhud is a spiritual attitude to address all the luxuries of the world. Our bodies may interact with all activities of life. We may have a lot of property, cars, land, companies, and so on. But the important thing is, our hearts are not busy with all that. Our hearts remain with God and prepare to live in the afterlife. That is zuhud.

Treasure Is a Killer Poison and Zakat Is the Antidote

What is meant by the above sentence is, that there are other people’s rights in our treasure. Islam has explained that if the treasure has reached a certain limit, then the owner must give a portion of his treasure to other people who are entitled. It must be done within certain standards. That is called zakat.

Remember! Zakat is different from alms. Alms can be done at any time in any amount. But zakat is not like that. Zakat is like a whitening that removes the black stain that is in one’s possessions.

Speech is a Killer Poison and dhikr to Allah is the Antidote

What is meant by the above sentence is, that speech can hurt someone. There is no one that justifies the act of hurting someone, neither religious teachings nor philosophical teachings. A person can hurt others with his words. That’s why speech is called a killer poison.

The antidote for poison caused by speech is dhikr to Allah. There is a huge difference between dhikr to Allah and hurting someone with words. I know we all know that. One gives peace, while one gives misery. In human history happiness has never been found by hurting someone, except only fake happiness.

What is meant by dhikr to Allah is the antidote, that dhikr can prevent someone from hurting others.

Age Is a Killer Poison and Obedience Is the Antidote

Later, on the Day of Judgment, one of the things we will be responsible for before Allah is our age; what do we spend it on? There are many explanations about that.

What is meant by age is killer poison is, that if we spend our age doing things that are not useful, especially if we spend it against God, then our age will be one of the factors that cause us misery. If we use our age to kill other people, steal, lie, etc., then all of that will harm us and put us in Hell.

But you don’t worry! Obedience is the antidote. The point is, if we obey Allah and are willing to do whatever our religion has taught, then the poison will not affect anything. Why is that? Of course, because we live in obedience. We use our age to obey Allah.

Full Year Is Killer Poison and Ramadan Is the Antidote

What is meant by a full year is a poison killer is, that as ordinary people of course we can not escape from sin. There are many sins that we have committed for one year. But Ramadan is the antidote.

What is meant by Ramadan is an antidote is, that Ramadan is a holy month in which there are many features. Ramadan can also be a perfect time to repent.

All Readers! That is a brief explanation of islamic reflection; five killer poisons and the antidotes. May be useful! Amen!

See you in the next article!


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