Interesting Story About Halimah As-Sadiyah

Interesting Story About Halimah As-Sadiyah ~ Hi all readers! In the previous article, I explained a little about Halimah as-Sadiyah. She was the third woman who had breastfed the Prophet Muhammad. In this article, I will explain a little interesting story about her.

She is Halimah as-Sadiyah bint Abu Dzuaib. Abu Dzuaib was Abdullah bin Harith, the son of Syajna, the son of Jabir, the son of Razam, the son of Nashirah, the son of Qashiyah, the son of Nash bin Sa’ad ibn Bakr, the son of Hawaz, the son of Mansur, the son of Ikrimah, the son of Khafah bin Qais bin Ailan bin Mudlar. Her husband was Harith bin Abdul ‘Uzza bin Rifa’ah bin Fulan bin Nashirah bin Qashiyah bin Nashr bin Sa’ad bin Bakar bin Hawazan. Thus, Halimah was his mother, because she had breastfed him, and Harith bin Abdul ‘Uzza was his father, because it was Halimah’s husband.

The Prophet Muhammad had several brothers because of the feast; Abdullah bin Harits, Anisah bint Harits, Hadzafah (Syaima’) binti Harits. Historical data says that when Halimah took care of her, she also cared for her daughter named Hadzafah (Syaima’) binti Harits. When he was a child, he had played with Hadzafah (Syaima’) binti Harits.

Halimah as-Sadiyah got a lot of blessings after she took the Prophet Muhammad for breastfeeding. That happens when she along with other people on the way back to where they came from. When they arrived at a place that had bani Sa’ad, the land there was very barren. They pause to get rid of fatigue and graze their sheep. What is interesting is that when all the sheep are grazed, Halimah’s sheep feel free and can eat until they are full. The result is that the sheep can give Halimah very much milk. But that doesn’t happen to other people’s sheep. Their sheep cannot be free and cannot eat full. This means that their sheep are starving and cannot give one owner’s milk a drop. The incident surprised them. They then herded their sheep with Halima’s sheep. But the results are the same; their sheep remain hungry and cannot give milk to them even if only one drop. There are many other blessings that Halimah always gets after she is willing to breastfeed the Prophet Muhammad.

Halimah as-Sadiyah was very fond of the small Prophet Muhammad. He also loved Halimah very much. That was proven when Allah had made him a prophet. One day Halimah came to see him. He was very happy to welcome the arrival of women who really loved him and had breastfed him. He said, “My mother, my mother!” He then hugged her.

There were differences of opinion among Islamic historians about whether Halimah embraced Islam or she died before the Prophet Muhammad became a Prophet. But the most valid opinion says, that she has converted to Islam. In other words, she died after he became a Prophet.

As for Harith bin Abdul ‘Uzza, Halimah’s husband, he came to Mecca after Prophet Muhammad became a Prophet. He said, “Are you saying this?” The Prophet Muhammad replied, “For Allah’s sake, my soul is in His power. I will certainly hold your hand on the Day of Judgment and I will certainly recognize you.” Then Harith bin Abdul ‘Uzza converted to Islam.

All readers! That is a brief explanation of interesting story about Halimah as-Sadiyah. Look forward to other interesting explanations in the next few articles!

I think that is enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


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