How Many Hadith Qudsi Are There? Read this!

How Many Hadith Qudsi Are There? ~ Hi readers! In several previous articles I have explained several things about the hadith qudsi. In this article I will explain how many hadith qudsi are there. As Muslims we must know that. That’s why I wrote this article. So, you have to read it to the end!

Before I explain further about how many hadith qudsi, I want to tell you about one fact, that there are not many references that we can use to know about hadith qudsi. The point is that at least until now not many Muslim scholars have written books on hadith qudsi. The existence of hadith qudsi so far can only be found in hadith books. That is, if we want to know about hadith qudsi, then we have to read books about hadith.

But I am very lucky. Before I returned from Egypt to Indonesia, at that time I had finished my undergraduate studies at al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, I had time to attend an international book fair, in Cairo, Egypt. I then found a book on hadith qudsi. I made reference to this book in the author of several articles about the hadith qudsi. The book is “al-Ittihafaat as-Saniyyah fii al-Ahadiits al-Qudsiyyah”. The book was written by Muhammad al-Madani.


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In the book, it is explained that in fact there are some Muslim scholars who have written a book containing hadith qudsi. One of them is Ali al-Qari. He died in 1025 hijria. The number of hadith qudsi that he wrote in his book was forty thousand hadiths.

But, actually, in this article I don’t want to talk about Ali Al-Qari’s work. I didn’t find many references to it. In this article I just want to explain the number of hadith qudsi in the book “al-Ittihafaat as-Saniyyah fii al-Ahadiits al-Qudsinya” which was written by Muhammad al-Madani. In the book there is an explanation of the eight hundred and sixty-four (864) hadith qudsi. All the hadith qudsi contained in the book are the result of a very serious study of various books on hadith. So, I highly recommend this book to you or anyone who wants to know hadith qudsi.

Maybe now you are wondering, actually, how many hadith qudsi are there?

Of course, in my opinion, there is no definite answer to that. We will find different explanations about it. This difference occurs because the results of research by Muslim scholars on it are also different. So, we can only answer that this book explains the number of hadith qudsi as much, and in other books it explains the number of hadith qudsi this much. Etc.

Readers all! That is a brief explanation of how many hadith qudsi are there. Do you understand? If you have any questions, please ask!

I think that’s all for this article. May be useful. Amen!

See you again in the next article!


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