The Heaviest Thing in Sacratul Maut

Guide to Understanding Islam: Hi all readers! In the previous article I explained about Satan’s method for taking a person’s faith. That is a general explanation about that. In this article, I will explain the heaviest things in Sacratul Maut. This explanation is a more specific explanation about Satan’s method for taking a person’s faith.

In the book of Daqqa’iqul Akhbaar fii Dzikri al-Jannati wa an-Naar explained, that the heaviest conditions experienced by someone who will die is thirst and burning of the heart. At that time Satan has the opportunity to rob the believers of the faith.

When a person experiences death, the devil comes to him with a container filled with water. Satan showed him the container. He then said, “Give me water!” He did not know that the figure who came to him was a demon. Satan then said, “Say; there is no God who created the universe, so I will give you water from the container.”


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If that person is a person who will be happy in the hereafter, then he will not obey the words of Satan. Then the devil came to the side of his two legs and showed him the container of water. He then said, “Give me water!” Satan then said, “Say; I reject the Messenger of Allah (Prophet Muhammad) ‘alayhi as-Salam, so that I give me water from the container.”

If that person is someone who will suffer in the hereafter, then he will obey the words of the devil because he can not be patient in the face of thirst. As a result, he died in a state of infidelity or did not bring faith.

All Readers! If we understand the brief explanation in a few paragraphs above, then surely, we know, that Satan will never stop bothering us. He will always try to harm us, even when he is experiencing death.

Sacratul Maut is one of the golden opportunities for the devil to rob someone of their faith. Why is that? Of course, because at that time someone will feel a terrible thirst and heat in the heart. Someone’s heart seemed to burn at that time. Only those who truly believe will survive the ordeal — surely Allah’s help dominates one’s salvation rather than one’s own faith.

That is a brief explanation of the most severe things in Sacratul Maut. May we survive the ordeal in Sacratul Maut! Amen!

See you in the next article!


Abdurrahim bin Ahmad al-Qadli, Daqqa’iqul Akhbaar fii Dzikri al-Jannati wa an-Naar, al-Haramail Publishing, Surabaya, Indonesia, p. 9.


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