The Doors of Heaven; The Best Explanation

Hi all readers! In previous articles, I have explained the doors of Hell. We already know that there are seven types of Hell doors. As for Heaven, it has eight types of doors. Now, I will explain about the doors of Heaven.

In Daqa’iqu al-Akhbar fi Dzikri al-Jannati wa an-Nar is explained.

Ibn Abbas radliyallahu ‘anhuma said, “All of Heaven has eight types of doors made of gold studded with gems. Above the first door is written the sentence, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” That is the door of the Prophets, the Messengers, the people who died in the way of Allah, and the generous people. The second door is the door of those who pray, which perfects wudu and the pillars of prayer. The third door is the door of those who purify their souls. The fourth door is the door of people who invite others to do good and forbid others from leaving bad. The fifth door is the door to leave lust and lust. The sixth door is the door of those who have performed Hajj and Umrah. The seventh door is the door of those who fight for Allah. The eighth door is a door for the righteous, who bow their view of things that are forbidden, and do good, such as worshiping both parents, connecting family relationships, and so forth.

The information about the eight types of Heaven is as follows;

First Heaven; Darul Jalal.

The first Heaven’s name is Darul Jalal which is made of pearls.

Second Heaven; Darus Salam.

The second Heaven’s name is Darus Salam which is made of red Yaqut (rubies).

Third Heaven; Al-Ma’wa (Jannatul Ma’wa).

The third paradise is al-Ma’wa or Jannatul Ma’wa which is made from green Zamrud gems.

Fourth Heaven; Al-Khuld (Jannatul Kuld).

The fourth Heaven is al-Khuld or Jannatul Khuld which is made of red and yellow pearls.

Fifth Heaven; an-Na’im.

The fifth Heaven is an-Na’im which is made of white silver.

Sixth Heaven; Paradise.

The sixth Heaven is Paradise made of red gold.

Seventh Heaven; ‘Adn.

The seventh Heaven is ‘Adn which is made of white pearls.

Eighth Heaven; Darul Qarar.

The eighth Heaven is Darul Qarar which is made of peacock gold and becomes the center of Heaven.

All Readers! That is a brief explanation of the doors of Heaven. Now, do you all understand? If you want to ask, please ask!

I think that’s enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you in the next article!


Abdurrahim bin Ahmad al-Qadli, Daqa’iqul al-Akhbar fi Dzikri al-Jannati wa an-Naar, al-Haramain Publishing, Surabaya, Indonesia, p. 41.


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