Death of Aminah; Mother of Prophet Muhammad

Hi all readers! In this article, I will explain the death of Aminah, the mother of Prophet Muhammad. In the previous article, I explained that Halimah and her husband returned him to his family because they were both afraid that something bad would happen to him. That happened after the chest of the Prophet Muhammad split. Well, not long after he returned to his family, his mother passed away.

When the age of Prophet Muhammad six years, Aminah took him to go to Medina. There are differences of opinion about why Aminah took him to go there. First, because they have relatives there. Second, because they will visit Abdullah’s grave, his father. But valid opinions say that their real purpose is to visit his father’s grave. They left there with Ummu Ayman, the woman who cared for him on the trip.

In essence, the Prophet Muhammad and his mother went to Medina. They were there for one month. There they lived in one of the houses of the Bani Najjar. Bani Najjar is a family of his grandfather’s aunt. After finishing the business there, they returned to Mecca. But in the middle of the trip, before they arrived in Mecca, precisely in the village of al-Abwa’, his mother passed away. Her body is not below to Mecca; she was buried there.

I could not imagine what would happen if Umm Ayman did not come with the Prophet Muhammad and his mother to Medina. I also could not imagine how devastated he was and how confused he was that at that time was still small. He is still 6 years old; what should he do to bury his mother’s body and how did he return to Mecca? Umm Ayman brought him back to Mecca to gather with his family. Thus, Umm Ayman is one of the people who has served in his life!

After the Prophet Muhammad’s mother passed away, he was raised by Abdul Muttallib, his grandfather — I will explain it in the next article, Allah willing.

The Prophet Muhammad often remembered memories in Medina at that time. After the migration ceremony, when he passed in the houses of Bani ‘Addi, he remembered that his mother had lived in one of the houses there. He also remembered where he had learned to swim. He also played on a field with a little girl called “Anisah”.

All readers! That is a brief explanation of the story of the death of Aminah, the mother of the Prophet Muhammad, the noble woman who gave birth to Allah’s lover into the world. May Allah’s grace always be poured out on the mother of the Prophet Muhammad. Amen!

I think that is enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


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