The Danger of Cursing Someone or Vehicle According to Islam

The Danger of Cursing Someone or Vehicle According to Islam ~ Hi all readers! In this article, I will explain the danger of an act that is often carried out by many people who do not have an understanding of good speech and bad speech. Yup! Now I will explain the danger of cursing someone or a vehicle.

Every day, we certainly know and hear someone who cursed other people, animals or even vehicles. You need to know that Islam strictly prohibits it. We cannot condemn anyone and anything. We can find out the prohibition in the advice of the Prophet Muhammad to Ali bin Abi Talib and in some of the hadith below;

“O Ali! Do not curse a Muslim and reptile animal so that it will turn to you.”

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : سباب المسلم فسوق وقتله كفر . متفق عليه

The Messenger of Allah sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam said, “Cursing Muslim is wickedness and killing him is kufr.” The hadith is narrated by al-Bukhari and Muslim.

عن عمران بن حصين قال : بينما رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم في بعض أسفاره , وامرأة من الأنصار علي ناقة فضجرت ولعنتها . فسمع ذلك رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم , فقال : خذوا ما عليها ودعواها : فإنها ملعونة . قال عمران : فكأني أراها الآن تمشي في الناس ما يعرض لها أحد . روا مسلم

From ‘Imran bin Hashin, he said, “When the Allah’s Messenger shallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam in part of his journey, there was a woman from the Ansar tribe who was on a tired camel, she  then cursed it. Allah’s Messenger sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam heard that then said, “Take the thing that is on it (on the camel) and leave it (camel); indeed, it has been cursed.” Imran said, “As if I was watching it (camel) walking in the midst of humans and not one person approached it (camel). The hadith is narrated by Muslim.

All readers! If we understand the information above, then of course we know several things as follows;

One; A curse uttered by someone can have a negative influence on someone or something that is cursed. That is because the curse is a bad prayer.

Two; If someone curses someone else or something, then the curse that has been said will return to that person. That is, the person who cursed someone else or something was the same as cursing himself.

Three; We better not use something that has been cursed or has been badly prayed for.

All readers! Thus, we should pray for good for all. In fact, we must not insult someone whose beliefs are not the same as ours. Allah Ta’ala said;

وَلَا تَسُبُّواْ ٱلَّذِينَ يَدۡعُونَ مِن دُونِ ٱللَّهِ فَيَسُبُّواْ ٱللَّهَ عَدۡوَۢا بِغَيۡرِ عِلۡمٖۗ كَذَٰلِكَ زَيَّنَّا لِكُلِّ أُمَّةٍ عَمَلَهُمۡ ثُمَّ إِلَىٰ رَبِّهِم مَّرۡجِعُهُمۡ فَيُنَبِّئُهُم بِمَا كَانُواْ يَعۡمَلُونَ ١٠٨

And do not abuse those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest exceeding the limits they should abuse Allah out of ignorance. Thus, have We made fair seeming to every people their deeds; then to their Lord shall be their return, so He will inform them of what they did. (Al-An’aam [6]; 108).

That is a brief explanation of the danger of cursing someone or vehicle according to Islam. If you have questions, please ask!

I think that is enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


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