Bahira Figure in Islamic History

Hi all readers! In this article, I will explain about Bahira figure in Islamic history. There are some interesting stories about him in Islamic history that we need to know, especially when he met the young Prophet Muhammad.

Bahira is a priest who continues to be at his monastery. He was the person who most understood Christianity at that time. That is why he knows the signs of the Prophet who will be sent for the last time.

The small meeting between Bahira and the Prophet Muhammad began when Abu Talib traded in Sham. Actually, Abu Talib did not want to invite the Prophet Muhammad to go there. At that time, he was around twelve years old. But when Abu Talib was about to go to Sham, he said, “O my uncle, to whom will you leave me? I don’t have a father and mother. “His question indicated that he loved his uncle and was very dependent on him. I am sure the heart of Abu Talib was very touched when he heard his words. Abu Talib then said, “By Allah, really I will go with him. He will not leave me and I will not leave him forever. “

In short, finally Abu Talib invited the Prophet Muhammad to go to Sham to trade.

When a group of Quraysh tribes arrived in the area of Sham, Bahirah saw something unusual. He saw a cloud covering the teardrop. He also saw hanging tree branches to protect the young Prophet Muhammad. After that he ordered the people to make food to entertain the group of Quraysh tribes.

After the food is ready to be served, Bahira comes to a group of Quraysh tribes and invites them to eat together. Everyone is invited to eat, whether they are people or children, both free people and slaves.

What Bahira did was strange. There was someone from a group of Quraysh tribes who asked, “O Bahirah, really today you have a need. In the past days you did not do this even though we often met you. What are your needs? “

Bahirah did not answer the question honestly. He just said, that he wanted to invite a group of Qurasiy tribes to eat together. But what he really wants is to know who is among those who have prophetic signs. He felt that there was one of them who would later become the last Prophet. He knew that because he saw the signs he felt when they arrived in the territory of Sham that year.

The Quraysh accepted Bahira’s invitation. He also has the opportunity to see in more detail who has prophetic signs. At first, he did not know the signs were in one of the people present at the banquet. He finally said, “O people of Quraysh, is there no one from you who did not participate in this banquet?” The people then told him that there was one child, the youngest, who did not not participate the banquet because he was left behind.

Bahirah then requested that the Prophet Muhammad join in the banquet. There was one person from the group of the Quraysh tribes who thought that the departure of the Prophet Muhammad at the banquet was a disgrace to them. The Prophet Muhammad was then picked up to participate in the banquet.

All readers! That is a brief explanation of Bahira figure in Islamic history. There are several other interesting stories about him that I will present in the next few articles. Look forward!

I think that is enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you again in the next article!


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