Creation of Angel of Death and Death According to Islam

Knowledge Center: Hi all readers! In this article I will explain about the creation of Angel of death and death. In Islamic teachings, Angel of death named Izrail. Allah Ta’ala gave him the task of taking life. Whereas death, it is a creature of Allah. Sometimes all beings will experience death from it.

In a hadith the Prophet Muhammad explained, that when Allah created Angel of death, he (Angel of death) was covered of all beings with one million veils. He is greater than all the heavens and all the earth. If all the water in all the sea and all the rivers were splashed on his head, then there would not be a single drop of water falling to the earth. All the eastern and all western parts of the earth are between his hands, like a table on which all food is placed between one’s hands so that he eats it as he wishes. Such is Angel of death. He can turn the world upside down like someone flipping a Dirham between his hands.

Angel of death tied with seventy thousand chains. The length of each one chain is traveled for a thousand years. All other angels cannot approach him, do not know his place, do not hear his voice, and do not know the situation until a certain time limit. When Allah Ta’ala created death and empowered it to Angel of Death, he (Angel of Death) said, “O my Lord,” What is death? “Allah then ordered that all veils that cover him be opened so that he could see. Then Allah said to all angels, “Stop and see this death!” All angels then stopped.


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Allah then said to death, “Fly above them, spread all wings, and open all eyes!” Death then flew. All angels saw him so they fell and fainted for a thousand years. When they realized, they said, “O our Lord, have you created a creature that is bigger than this?” Allah said, “I have created it and I am greater than him. Sometimes all beings will feel death from him.”

Then Allah said, “O Izrail, take him (death). Indeed, I have destroyed him to you. “He said,” O my Lord, with what strength can I take him. Indeed, he is greater than me. “Allah then gave him (Izrail) strength then him (death) won in his hand.”

All readers! That is a brief explanation of this article. If we understand the brief explanation above, then we will understand many important things related to Angel of death and death. We will also understand that there is a difference between death and death. May be useful!

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